A visit to the beach is a staple when on vacation in a place like the Philippines. That’s how a man in his mid-20s chose to celebrate the New Year on January 1, 2022. But out of nowhere, tragedy struck and beachgoers sprang into action to rescue the man. Arthur Benjamin Palm Beach philanthropist and founder of Action to End Drowning shares the incredible story:

Arthur Benjamin Palm Beach heroic beachgoers

While out in the water of the Pangasinan province of the Philippines, a young man in his 20s found himself in a scary situation. Seemingly out of nowhere, the man was knocked over by the water’s intense waves. The powerful tides coming his way made it impossible for him to…

The answer will shock you! Arthur Benjamin Palm Beach, drowning awareness advocate and founder of Action to End Drowning, shares the startling reality of how quickly a child can drown:

A drowning incident can happen in an instant. As Arthur Benjamin has shared previously, that instant can come suddenly and without warning. But do you know how quickly it actually happens? …

In Presque Isle Bay, onlookers were panic-stricken when a Husky began to drown. Arthur Benjamin of Palm Beach discusses the heroic efforts that saved the dog’s life:

Drowning, of course, is not exclusive to humans. Even a dog who is otherwise a strong swimmer can fall victim to a drowning attack. That’s exactly what happened on Monday morning this week, when a Husky and his family were visiting the Presque Isle Bay. Suddenly, tragedy struck and the…

An eerie sculpture that depicts a drowning girl statue has people talking in Spain — and around the world. The artist, Ruben Orozco explains his sculpture as a climate change conversation starter.

In a local river in Bilbao, Spain, locals awoke to a ghastly sight. The sculpture, titled ‘Bihar’ (meaning ‘Tomorrow’ in Basque) acts as a reminder of climate change. As the tide rises and falls, so does the water that covers the face of the eerily stunning sculpture. …

One of the best ways to prevent a drowning incident is to teach kids how to swim. It sounds simple, but the sooner you teach your child how to properly swim, the safer they will be in bodies of water. But how young is too young? Arthur Benjamin shares his advice.

Teaching a child how to swim can make a world of difference. Not only will he/she be better prepared in the water, but they’ll also have fun, too! Although it may be a basic skill, knowing how to properly swim is something even some adults don’t know how to do……

Dry Drowning and Delayed Drowning Defined

Founder of the nonprofit effort, Action to End Drowning, Arthur Benjamin, Palm Beach Philanthropist, shares 2 crucial definitions. Understanding these two issues of dry drowning and delayed drowning can make a world of difference in preventing drowning incidents.

What is Dry Drowning?

Dry drowning occurs when water never reaches the lungs, but is still breathed in. The water ends up trapped in the airways, causing the vocal cords to spasm and even potentially close. What’s important to know about dry drowning is that the symptoms can persist, even after coming out of…

On May 17, 2021, the Police and Fire Departments of Henderson, Nevada made a heartbreaking discovery of a drowning victim. Three months later, the victim still has yet to be identified. Now, Henderson PD is reaching out to the public to ask for help. Arthur Benjamin, Palm Beach philanthropist and drowning prevention advocate, shares the details:

Source: 8NewsNow

Do you know this woman?

The above sketch is an artist’s take on what the drowning victim looked like. She is believed to be a Caucasian woman with red hair, in her early to mid 60s. She was discovered wearing multicolored leggings, a grey long-sleeve shirt with a Christmas theme and the following Mistletoad design:

Arthur Benjamin, Palm Beach philanthropist, and his Action to End Drowning nonprofit are committed to educating the public about drowning prevention. The reality is, the vast majority of drowning incidents are completely preventable. Here are some fast tips you should take on to do your part in minimizing the amount of drownings that take place every single day:

Arthur Benjamin Palm Beach kiddie pool

The leading cause of preventable death in toddlers in the United States is drowning. Children ages 1 to 4 years old are the most at risk of drowning. But the keyword to keep in mind here is preventable. Drowning deaths — and even non-fatal drownings — can be prevented. …

July 25, 2021 is World Drowning Prevention Day.

Arthur Benjamin Palm Beach lifejacket

Action to End Drowning founder, Arthur Benjamin recognizes World Drowning Prevention Day — and urges you to mark your calendars so that you can, too!

In April 2021, the World Health Organization (WHO) declared July 25th World Drowning Prevention Day. Hoping to raise critical awareness, this advocacy effort will shine a beacon of light on the silent problem of drowning. …

Drowning can creep up on you quickly.. And seemingly, out of nowhere. That’s why Arthur Benjamin, founder of the nonprofit, Action to End Drowning, believes that it is critical to be prepared by knowing — and noticing — the signs of drowning:

Arthur Benjamin Palm Beach Action to End Drowning

Perhaps the best drowning prevention technique is simply to be prepared! Here are some signs you should look out for:

  • Sounds of gasping or hyperventilating

When someone is drowning, he/she may not be able to yell or scream out for help. …

Arthur E. Benjamin

Arthur Benjamin Palm Beach Philanthropist & Entrepreneur, recently launched nonprofit: Action to End Drowning. http://socialcareerbuilder.com/arthur-e-benjamin/

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