Drowning: Be Prepared and Notice the Signs

Drowning can creep up on you quickly.. And seemingly, out of nowhere. That’s why Arthur Benjamin, founder of the nonprofit, Action to End Drowning, believes that it is critical to be prepared by knowing — and noticing — the signs of drowning:

Arthur Benjamin Palm Beach Action to End Drowning

Perhaps the best drowning prevention technique is simply to be prepared! Here are some signs you should look out for:

When someone is drowning, he/she may not be able to yell or scream out for help. So it’s important to pay attention if you think you hear someone struggling to breathe while out in the water.

In general, you should keep your eyes peeled for anything that looks out of the ordinary. You may even notice someone floating with their head tilted back, mouth open and eyes closed. This is not a good sign… in fact, it’s a telltale sign that this person may be drowning!

Arthur Benjamin Palm Beach Philanthropist & Entrepreneur, recently launched nonprofit: Action to End Drowning. http://socialcareerbuilder.com/arthur-e-benjamin/