Drowning Prevention Tips Everyone Should Know

Arthur Benjamin, Palm Beach philanthropist, and his Action to End Drowning nonprofit are committed to educating the public about drowning prevention. The reality is, the vast majority of drowning incidents are completely preventable. Here are some fast tips you should take on to do your part in minimizing the amount of drownings that take place every single day:

Arthur Benjamin Palm Beach kiddie pool

Never leave a child alone in or near water.

This goes for pools, bodies of water and even your bathtub. A good general rule of thumb is to always keep your child within arm’s reach when in the presence of a water source.

Learn CPR and basic first aid techniques.

The American Red Cross regularly hosts CPR certification courses. We encourage you to consider attending one of these events in your local area. Learning the proper CPR technique and basic first aid care can truly be lifesaving in the event of an unexpected drowning incident.



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Arthur E. Benjamin

Arthur Benjamin Palm Beach Philanthropist & Entrepreneur, recently launched nonprofit: Action to End Drowning. http://socialcareerbuilder.com/arthur-e-benjamin/