World Drowning Prevention Day

July 25, 2021 is World Drowning Prevention Day.

Arthur Benjamin Palm Beach lifejacket

Action to End Drowning founder, Arthur Benjamin recognizes World Drowning Prevention Day — and urges you to mark your calendars so that you can, too!

In April 2021, the World Health Organization (WHO) declared July 25th World Drowning Prevention Day. Hoping to raise critical awareness, this advocacy effort will shine a beacon of light on the silent problem of drowning. More importantly, World Drowning Day will be centered around how we can be better prepared for and potentially prevent a drowning accident.

WHO encourages the use of the hashtag #DrowningPrevention. But that’s not the only way World Drowning Prevention Day will do its part to make a difference. Nonprofit organizations around the world, including Action to End Drowning and National Drowning Prevention Alliance, are standing up to recognize this opportunity to launch awareness campaigns and initiatives.

How will you raise awareness of drowning prevention on World Drowning Prevention Day?



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Arthur E. Benjamin

Arthur Benjamin Palm Beach Philanthropist & Entrepreneur, recently launched nonprofit: Action to End Drowning.