An eerie sculpture that depicts a drowning girl statue has people talking in Spain — and around the world. The artist, Ruben Orozco explains his sculpture as a climate change conversation starter.

One of the best ways to prevent a drowning incident is to teach kids how to swim. It sounds simple, but the sooner you teach your child how to properly swim, the safer they will be in bodies of water. But how young is too young? Arthur Benjamin shares his advice.

Founder of the nonprofit effort, Action to End Drowning, Arthur Benjamin, Palm Beach Philanthropist, shares 2 crucial definitions. Understanding these two issues of dry drowning and delayed drowning can make a world of difference in preventing drowning incidents.

What is Dry Drowning?

On May 17, 2021, the Police and Fire Departments of Henderson, Nevada made a heartbreaking discovery of a drowning victim. Three months later, the victim still has yet to be identified. Now, Henderson PD is reaching out to the public to ask for help. Arthur Benjamin, Palm Beach philanthropist and drowning prevention advocate, shares the details:

Source: 8NewsNow
Source: 8NewsNow

Do you know this woman?

Arthur Benjamin, Palm Beach philanthropist, and his Action to End Drowning nonprofit are committed to educating the public about drowning prevention. The reality is, the vast majority of drowning incidents are completely preventable. Here are some fast tips you should take on to do your part in minimizing the amount of drownings that take place every single day:

Arthur Benjamin Palm Beach kiddie pool
Arthur Benjamin Palm Beach lifejacket

Action to End Drowning founder, Arthur Benjamin recognizes World Drowning Prevention Day — and urges you to mark your calendars so that you can, too!

Drowning can creep up on you quickly.. And seemingly, out of nowhere. That’s why Arthur Benjamin, founder of the nonprofit, Action to End Drowning, believes that it is critical to be prepared by knowing — and noticing — the signs of drowning:

Arthur Benjamin Palm Beach Action to End Drowning

Did you know that drowning is a leading cause of accidental death worldwide? In fact, it ranks at number 3. Founder of Action to End Drowning, Arthur Benjamin, shares eye-opening statistics of this startlingly silent killer…

Arthur Benjamin drowning

Fast facts about drowning

Startling drowning statistics

Arthur E. Benjamin

Arthur Benjamin Palm Beach Philanthropist & Entrepreneur, recently launched nonprofit: Action to End Drowning.

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